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9 September 2022

New funding opportunity for better management of hydroclimatic extreme events

The stakes for water stress and scarcity are high. We have seen from this summer’s dry period in Europe that water scarcity not only affects the southern Mediterranean but also the north of Europe known for its water abundance. The Rhine and Danube experienced unprecedented low water levels hampering ship navigation, water supply for domestic,

30 August 2022

Tax Bites Podcast: Tax opportunities in ERP transformations

In this episode of the Tax Bites podcast series, our global tax ERP leader and other tax technology experts talk about the latest major trends in the global tax ERP landscape. Get insights into the ever-changing tax obligations and the impact on data needs. Learn about how these new obligations – like Pillar 2 taxation

23 August 2022

Major changes to Belgian tax procedures in the pipeline

Reports of important amendments to the Belgian tax procedures appeared in the press, prior to the parliament’s summer recess. This newsflash summarises the main aspects and current status of the proposed measures. Extension of investigation, assessment and retention periods  The draft law on various tax and financial provisions contains substantial changes to the investigation, assessment

22 August 2022

The new regional aid map 2022-2027 for Flanders has been approved

Summary The Flemish regional aid map lists all the municipalities in which large companies can receive investment aid. These municipalities are located in regions where economic development is significantly lower than in other regions of the country and the wider European Union. For SMEs, there is no geographical limitation on receiving investment aid.  What does

8 August 2022

Belgian Incentives newsletter

Even throughout summer, the incentives landscape is not standing still. With this newsletter, we would like to inform you on the latest news that could be of interest to your business.  Fiscal advantages for charging stations Companies having invested, or planning to invest in the installation of a publicly accessible and intelligent charging station between

27 July 2022

Tax Bites Podcast: Digesting the Pillar 1 progress report

On 11 July 2022, the OECD released a progress report on Pillar 1. In this episode, we go through the key takeaways from this report for businesses. Towards the end of the episode, we also covered a brief update on the latest status of Pillar 2. About the speakers: Jean-Philippe Van West Stefaan De Baets

22 July 2022

How to deal with shareholders’ dissent on say-on-pay?

Most companies held their annual general meeting for the financial year 2021 by now. At this occasion, shareholders expressed their view on the company’s pay practices through their advisory vote on the remuneration report and, where appropriate, their binding vote on the remuneration policy. What if shareholders acceptance in their policy and/or report voting is