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3 August 2021

Withholding tax incentives: time to take action – deadline extended to 1 October 2021

Various tax incentives (e.g. for overtime, R&D, night and shift work, etc.) take the form of an exemption of transferring wage withholding taxes. These tax incentives are thus to be processed through payroll.  Extension of deadline for 2020 wage withholding tax returns Although the wage withholding tax returns for 2020 are already submitted during the

22 July 2021

PwC’s podcast voor de (semi)publieke sector – Valkuilen en opportuniteiten bij het invoeren van lokale belastingen

De COVID-19 pandemie heeft ook een invloed gehad op de gemeentelijke fiscaliteit. In de zoektocht naar nieuwe financieringsbronnen duiken er nieuwe soorten lokale belastingen op. Lokale besturen moeten met hun belastingbevoegdheid evenwel verantwoord en omzichtig omspringen. In deze aflevering geven we een aantal tips mee om valkuilen te vermijden en opportuniteiten te benutten.  Geïnteresseerd om

14 July 2021

Tax Bites Podcast: The Fit for 55 package: (R)evolution in Green Taxation!

The increased importance of green taxation cannot be overstated. On 14 July, the European Commission published its ambitious Fit for 55 package. This package fits into the broader initiative of reforming the EU tax landscape, announced by the Commission in May of this year.  Join our podcast for an overview of the most relevant tax

12 July 2021

Tax Bites Podcast: Global minimum taxation – US vs. EU what to expect?

Global minimum taxation has been front page news since an agreement was reached by the G7 recently. It sounds simple as a concept, but different views and approaches around the world make it far from easy to navigate. In this podcast we’ll discuss the expectations of a global minimum tax in the EU and the

7 July 2021

Tax Bites Podcast – What does a future-proof tax reporting function look like?

What does a future-proof tax reporting function look like?   There are many things to consider for the tax reporting process and all deliverables linked to it. With automation on everyone’s lips, what trends do we see and how are companies dealing with increasing complexities when operating at international level? What tools are out there

7 July 2021

Home working expense allowance – update

On 1 July 2021 an addendum (Circular 2021/C/62) was issued to the Circular 2021/C/20 of 26 February 2021 on employer contributions for home office work. The Circular 2021/C/20 of 26 February 2021 discusses the tax system for employer contributions for home office work. According to this Circular, employers may grant employees who structurally and regularly

4 July 2021

OECD Inclusive Framework agrees on two-pillar Approach for International Tax Framework

On 1 July 2021, the Inclusive Framework (IF) announced an agreement backed by 130 (out of 139) members of the Inclusive Framework on the two-pillar approach. This approach redesigns the international tax framework. Here’s a summary of the main points of the agreement: Pillar one Pillar One is intended to re-allocate the taxing rights of