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Latest news & developments

The mobility allowance has arrived

25 May 2018

In the Belgian Official Gazette of 7 May, the Act of 30 March regarding the introduction of a mobility allowance – the co-called “Cash for Cars” – was published. This Act provides for the possibility for employees who have a company car at their disposal to exchange this company car for a compensating cash allowance

Royal Decree of 8 May 2018: Private Pricafs get a boost

23 May 2018

Private Pricafs (Pricafs Privées / Private Privaks) are investment vehicles aimed at encouraging investments in risk capital and private equity. Due to certain regulatory features, the creation of Private Pricafs did not really take off since their appearance. To correct this situation, a Royal Decree including several adjustments on the regulatory side but also a

Company provided housing: new practice note

22 May 2018

When a company puts a house or an apartment at the disposal of one of its directors or employees, the beneficiary is taxed on a benefit in kind. The calculation of the benefit in kind depends on whether the housing is provided by an individual (100/60 x indexed cadastral income) or by a company (100/60

Belgian TIS: New Practice Note on the deduction of costs

15 May 2018

On 9 May 2018, the Belgian tax administration has issued a Practice Note providing guidance on the deduction of costs in the framework of the computation of the Belgian Taxable Income per Share, also known as “Belgian TIS” or “BTIS”. For recall, the BTIS allows an accurate taxation of Belgian private investors of certain capitalizing

Belgian Transfer Pricing documentation requirements – FAQ published

8 May 2018

The Belgian Tax Authorities have published a long awaited list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on their webpage dedicated to the Belgian Transfer Pricing documentation requirements. The FAQs are available in Dutch and French. This publication is quite important as it provides further guidance on how to deal with the Belgian transfer pricing documentation requirements