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Latest news & developments

Carry-back of losses: law published – listen to our podcast

2 July 2020

On 1 July 2020, the law on the temporary tax exemption of profits in anticipation of tax losses realized in the COVID-19 period (the so-called tax loss “carry-back” system) was published in the Belgian Official Gazette. The new law aims to strengthen the liquidity and solvency of companies that were in a sound condition but

Publication of updated FAQs on Belgian documentation requirements

1 July 2020

On 30 June 2020, the Belgian Tax Authorities published its Circular Letter 2020/C/88 containing an update of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (previous version dd. 4 May 2018) with respect to the Belgian transfer pricing documentation requirements on Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) (articles 321/1 to 321/2 BITC), the notification on CbCR (article 321/3 BITC), the Master

The resident and non-resident corporate income tax return forms for Assessment Year 2020 have been published by the tax authorities

30 June 2020

The BizTax e-filing platform would become available by 7 July 2020. It’s no surprise that in total an additional page was required to embed all the necessary entries and related disclosures for new measures entering into force, amongst others: interest limitation rule (“3 MIO/30% EBITDA rule”), group contribution(“Tax consolidation”), Controlled Foreign Corporations (“CFC rules”) and

Update COVID-19 and cross-border employment: agreements with Germany and France extended

29 June 2020

As mentioned in our newsflash of 24 June 2020 the agreements concluded between Belgium and the Netherlands/Luxembourg, which implement a mutual “force majeure tolerance” for cross-border workers in relation to COVID-19 (travel) restrictions, were extended until 31 august 2020. We anticipated that a similar extension would become applicable for the agreements between Belgium and Germany/France).

Belgium published FAQ on the DAC 6 rules

26 June 2020

As a recap, the DAC 6 directive covers the EU Mandatory Disclosure rules on certain tax arrangements. This directive was enacted in Belgian legislation in December 2019. To further clarify the DAC 6 law in Belgium, the Belgian tax authorities published a FAQ with further guidance on the application of the rules. Recently an extension

Belgian tax audits: increased focus on passive income streams and international cooperation

26 June 2020

The recent developments in the international tax world are clearly finding their way into the Belgian tax investigation practice. PwC observes a significant increase in tax audits in which the Belgian tax authorities are focusing on passive income flows (dividend, interest and royalty) and alleged tax abuse through the involvement of intermediary entities.  A number

Update COVID-19 and cross-border employment: agreements with Luxembourg and the Netherlands extended

24 June 2020

We refer to our previous newsflashes regarding the specific agreements that Belgium has concluded with almost all of its neighboring countries (Germany, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg). These agreements implement a mutual “force majeure tolerance” for cross border employees in relation to COVID-19 (travel) restrictions. A fiction is created in relation to the employment income