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Latest news & developments

Mobility budget – Agreement within the Federal Government

22 March 2018

Earlier this week, the Belgian government approved the anticipated legislation regarding the mobility allowance (“cash for car”). Following the advice and remarks from several official institutions, the government also started working on the introduction of a mobility budget. It is anticipated that when the mobility budget, will also become legislation, it will co-exist with the

European Commission proposes new rules on the taxation of the digital economy

22 March 2018

On 21 March 2018, the European Commission published its EU digital tax package on the taxation of the digital economy. The package contains among other things two new draft EU Directives for a comprehensive long-term solution (laying down rules relating to the corporate taxation of a “significant digital presence”) and a short term/interim solution to

The Belgian tax on securities accounts published in the official Belgian Gazette

21 March 2018

In the Newsflash of 12 February 2018, we already made reference to the new rules regarding the Belgian tax on securities accounts.​ These rules have now been introduced by the Belgian law of 7 February 2018, which was published in the Official Gazette on 9 March 2018.​ In a nutshell, this new regime is a wealth

Taxation of Dutch AOW pensions – Circular 8 March 2018

20 March 2018

Certain taxpayers, who have been living and/or working in The Netherlands, may decide to move their residency from The Netherlands to Belgium and retire in Belgium. Over the years, there has been quite some discussion and uncertainty in the Belgian fiscal landscape with respect to the taxation of Dutch AOW pensions, paid to tax residents

EU finance ministers agree on mandatory disclosure for intermediaries (DAC6)

14 March 2018

On 13 March 2018, EU finance ministers reached agreement on transparency requirements for tax intermediaries. The proposal (so called DAC6) is the latest of a number of measures designed to prevent corporate tax avoidance. It will require intermediaries such as tax advisors, accountants and lawyers to report tax planning schemes that could be aggressive and

The due date for the filing of the annual VAT sales listing is approaching!

12 March 2018

VAT payers should file an annual return quoting their VAT taxable customers, i.e., the annual VAT sales listing. The filing deadline for this listing is rapidly approaching. Fines can be imposed for late filing. The filing is done electronically, through Intervat.  What? The annual sales listing contains the Belgian VAT numbers of all VAT liable